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She's the only mechanics to find my problems and fix it I will definitely return to this business to have my 1999 Mercedes Benz e300 repaired and serviced. Kept me informed always.


Exceptional service as always!


Convertable top was not working on our 2005 A4. GAS diagnosed the problem as a faulty latch which had been installed last year. They fixed the latch and did not charge for the service.


Took good care of my 911.




Outstanding!!!!! If I could give them more then 5 stars I definitely would. From the great customer service, to the knowledge of the technicians, to client communication everything was TOP NOTCH!!! Daily updates were given by Nick, the owner, and he took his time explaining everything in terms I could undertstand!!!! I was always kept up to date on the financial end of things. Since Nick had been completely honest and transparent the entire time there were no surprises when it came time for the final bill!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND😊


This place is the greatest!! I collect classic muscle cars and I do a lot of my own work on my car's. I also own a Porsche 993 and an Audi. This place is old school with modern technology. Great service. The job is done right the first time. You get answers. I am extremely pleased and recommend this business to anyone. And the owner loves animals and brings his dog everywhere. They don't make places like this place any longer.


I was referred to German Auto Specialists by a distributor to purchase a replacement RAYS Gram Lights wheel for my 2019 Mazda MX-5. Nick, the owner, informed me that they no longer carried that line, but he didn't stop there. He made a number of inquiries, and sent me to Les Tronzo of Sports Car Tire in Wilmington, DE. Les inspected photos of the damage to my original wheel, and advised me that it only needed refinishing, not replacement. He didn't stop there, either--he called around for references to a refinisher in St. Louis, where I live, and got me one. If these guys make such tremendous efforts to help an out-of-stater who can't give them any business, I envy their customers! Many thanks, Nick and Les, for going the extra mile to help me out!

Tim, thank you for taking the time to write this great review! We are always happy to help out!

- German Auto Specialists Inc.

They took my car information and they said they will call ... they almost called but they never did.... it was just a timing belt not a rocket science


Bought a 1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SL for my wife as a Christmas gift from my regular mechanic. We test-drove it; I checked it out as best i could. Mechanic bought it for a family member who could no longer drive. He put on a new top, new paint, tires and brakes. Having had good prior experience with my mechanic over 12+ years, I assumed it was well sorted out mechanically. It wasn't. I took it back to him THREE times for fuel system and other issues. After the third time, I decided I needed a Mercedes-Benz specialist, but didn't want to go to a M.B. dealer, as I have heard less-than-stellar reviews about their service, including high labor rates and young mechanics who don't know the old-school cars. Found German Auto Specialists. They were NOT much cheaper than the M.B. dealer, but they do have the correct diagnostic equipment to identify specific issues. Knew I made the right choice as we dropped off the car; all German makes in the lot, including many older models. They kept me informed by phone of what was found, and went the extra mile to find parts that are no longer readily available. Given the complexity and age of M.B. fuel & ignition systems, subsequent issues were identified down the line. Again, I was kept informed of these developments, and given the option of fixing now or holding off. I had them do all recommended work so my wife wouldn't get stranded again. Took 2-3 weeks (heavy backlog and time to get parts), but the car SHOULD be properly sorted out now; we'll find out soon enough. My only complaint is, they said they would was the car; not detail it, just wash it. Fine. IF they DID WASH IT, they used some dirty water and or rag and didn't dry it properly; streaks and droplets everywhere! After paying a $2,700+ repair bill, they least they could do is follow through on their offer to wash it and do so PROPERLY.